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What does a Roof Restoration Involve?

A King Group roof restoration involves a high pressure clean, followed by a full treatment of your roof and final an intense Dulux 3 Coat painted system.

Are all Roof Restorations the same?

The process involved in a roof restoration is basically the same. However, you can quickly tell between cheap and nasty roof restoration and a quality long-lasting one. It all comes down to the applicator and the quality of the materials used.
King Group takes no short cuts. We do a thorough clean of your roof and then fix all pointing, replace broken tiles, and then apply Dulux treatment solutions to prevent mildew and fungal. Once we have done this we then apply 3 coats of Dulux Next Generation roof paint.
Cheaper competitors will skip several steps and also you substandard materials to get the job done. Sure it will look good for the first few months and then you will start to see the fading and breakages which will surface. Then it is too late to call them back to fix their damage as they would have probably closed up and moved on.

Will you do a roof restoration job even if it is raining?


Are your roofers & workmen licensed and insured?

We ensure that all our workers and contractors hold the correct qualifications, experience and insurances when doing your job.

How will gutter guard protect my roof and gutters?


Why should I need to restore my roof?

As the main shelter for your most valuable investment, your home, ensuring that your roof is well maintained and presented ensures added value to your property along with the peace of mind that knowing it will keep you safe and away from the harm of weather elements such as rain.
Regular maintenance of your roof is an essential clause in all insurances. And failure to do so will nearly guarantee your future claim will be dismissed.

How long does a roof restoration take?

We aim to finish a roof restoration in under 1 week. Certain elements such as weather, location, size, accessibility and availability of materials may cause some delays. However, at King Group we know time is precious and so we push to ensure that we finish the job in a good time without taking any short cuts.

How much does an inspection and a quote cost?

All our quotes are free no obligation.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

Whist every job is different due to a number of factors including condition and accessibility the best solution is for us to provide you with a free no-obligation firm quote. But as a guide only, restorations can cost anywhere between $20-$40 per square meter.

If you have a question before booking a roofer we'll get the right person to call you.

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