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Safeguarding & Protecting Your Drains

Experts claim that almost all the houses in Australia face problems with their gutters and drainage systems, which directly impact their houses. King Roof Restoration aims to safeguard your most precious and expensive asset, your house, by hindering all the aspects that can cause harm to it and its public image. We are established by recognizing the problems faced by Australian residents and thereby building an effective solution to that problem. After years of research and hard work, our skilled and expert team has achieved a milestone by launching an ultra-guard gutter protection system in Sydney. With our comprehensive and most eminent industry-standard outcomes, we provide you with security over all your roofs, drains, and sewages to prevent leaves & debris, birds.
Moreover, we also render our standardized gutter security services to keep all the stuff out. Based on the leaf screener system of installation, Ultra Guard has been the guide of Aluminium operations. So, quickly book your drain protection slot by giving us a phone call and get your no-obligation quote for the best gutter guard resolution matching your requirements.

We safeguard against:

  • Debris & Leaves
  • Birds, possums, snakes, mosquitos, and other pesky creatures can get into your gutter and roof cavity.
  • Bushfires are a thing of the past since we provide a 100 percent fire-resistant product that has been tested and rated by CSIRO as having a flammability grade of 0.
  • Birds will not be able to get inside the solar panels if they are protected.
Safeguarding & Protecting Your Drains

If you have a question before booking a roofer we'll get the right person to call you.

What Do We Offer?

Quality Standards

We believe in quality standards and therefore offer standardized aluminum gutter guard mesh, which is the most efficient product in the Australian industry in terms of longevity. In addition, we offer thick and dense mesh to secure your roof properly.

Free Installation

We offer mesh that has a combustible index as ranked by CSIRO and accepted by Australian cabinets. Moreover, we offer a complimentary gutter cleaning service with every fitting. With a powerful gutter guard in position, it is likely to magnify the performance of your drains.

Professional Services

With years of experience and professionalism in installing gutter guards in Sydney in hundreds of houses and its suburbs, we are committed to rendering the best quality shields to your drains backed by consumer-friendly staff.

Affordable Prices With Longevity

Our exclusive Leaf Shredder mesh is the sole commodity with a 25-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee on the powder coating. In addition, all these services are obtainable at budget-friendly prices with a wide variety of discounts.

Why Choose Us for Solar Panels Cleaning Sydney

Australian Owned
King Group are proudly Australian Owned and Operated. We operate in over 3 states within Australia and have several branches throughout each state making the locals choice.
Experienced Team
Be at ease with knowing you are dealing with a company that has over 50 years combined experience in the roofing, gutter protection and high pressure cleaning industries.
Committed To You
“In good hands” says it all. We put you our Customer first in all that we do. We won’t rest until our customers are fully satisfied.
Covered By Warranty
All our workmanship is covered by our comprehensive no-nonsense straight-talking warranty. And by using only the best materials from Australian based suppliers all our suppliers back their products with warranties.
Qualified & Certified
All our workers and contractors are fully licensed and insured to carry out work. Our ongoing training ensures that we are ahead on all facets of safety and product applications and technologies.

Process Of Installing Gutter Guard System

King Roof Restoration has a skilled and expert crew who is trained to follow the work ethic by serving the consumers in an effective and friendly manner while fulfilling their expectations. Also, we have a professional and formal pattern of rendering our services. It includes:

  • Cleansing
    We ensure that all the gutters and drains are properly cleaned with pest control sprays before installing and fitting gutter guards.
  • Suggesting Product Type
    After thoroughly surveying your roof outline, we fit the appropriate mesh that suits it. For example, we usually install a wide mesh for a 500 mm roof and a 250 mm mesh for a metal roof.
  • Ski-Slope
    The mesh is installed not only over the drains, but it stretches from the roof so that it serves as a ski-slope influence hindering all the damage-causing things to enter it.

The Aluminum Gutter Guard Sydney operation is the latest method that shelters your roof, drains, and troughs in a seamless color-matched way. Therefore, quickly book your obligation free quote and safeguard your gutters by installing this advanced system in it.

Kinds Of Mesh

Alumesh: This is our top-of-the-line Aluminum mesh, with 3.5mm aperture holes. 

Excellent in all areas, as well as a cost-effective option with high-performance capabilities.

Embermesh: Our 2.0mm aperture hole size mesh is similar to Alumesh but with a smaller hole size to keep fine particles like pine needles and jacarandas out.

What Makes Ultra Guard The Finest Gutter Guard System??

  • The Inventors and Originators of the Aluminium Mesh System.
  • The product warranty is 15 years, and the artistry warranty is 5 years.
  • A system that has been installed and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • There are over 30 shades to choose from.
  • All Bushfire BAL Levels can benefit from fireproofing.


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